A Closer Look at Ann Rule

By Heather on June 5th, 2009

When you think of crime books and the genre as it stands today, there’s always one name that comes to mind:   Ann Rule.   Ann is often called the best true crime writer in America.   And for good reason.

Ann began her career in writing with a very solid background in law.   Not only was several of her family members in law enforcement, but she held a position as a Seattle Policewoman and a former caseworker for the Washington State Department of Public Assistance.

Bookcover: Mortal Danger
Then in 1969, she began a full-time career as a true crime writer and has written for well over 30 years now and published around 28 or so books.   Those books deal with three main areas: (1) the victims’ stories; (2) the detectives and prosecutors   and how they solve their cases with old fashioned police work and modern forensic science; and (3) the killers’ lives.

Ann currently writes for Simon & Schuster/Free Press and Pocket Books.

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