Buy Psych: Mind-Altering Murder – The Newest Psych Book for Sale Finally

By Crime Mystery Books on February 1st, 2011

Psych: Mind-Altering Murder became available from booksellers today. If you preordered on Amazon, you probably received the book today. I won’t have a chance to read it for a while, so if you beat me to it, feel free to leave a comment telling me what you thought of the new Psych book and Shawn and Gus’s newest adventure.

Click here to read reviews of Psych: Mind-Altering Murder on Amazon

You can buy Mind-Altering Murder by William Rabkin at Amazon (just click the link above to go straight to the page where you can find Psych: Mind-Altering Murder for sale on Amazon) or any other online bookstore.

Since the other books in the series are available through READS for many people, this Psych book might become available there too if money’s tight and you can’t afford to buy the book.

If you want to read more about Psych: Mind-Altering Murder, check out my previous write up about the newest Psych book.

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