Defining Non-Fiction Crime Books and True Crime Books

By Crime Mystery Books on June 24th, 2009

There are as many kinds of nonfiction crime books as there are mystery novels. I’ve already talked about mystery novels, and I thought about defining non-fiction crime–but I’ve come to the conclusion that defining non-fiction crime books isn’t nearly as easy.

There are dry treatises on crime solving techniques. There are fascinating profiles of criminals and their victims. There are compelling stories of the search for answers to unsolved crimes. In effect, there are so many kinds of non-fiction crime books that to define them might be considered a futile endeavor!

However, these kinds of crime books are easier to distinguish from true-crime books than they are from each other, at least here on this site, because we have defined ‘True Crime Books’–or, I should say, I’m about to.

For Crime Mystery Books, we define true crime books as stories written in a fictional format, dramatizing the events, people, and places of an actual documented crime.

With that out of the way, it’s easy to see that any other kind of non-fiction crime, even it is labeled as true-crime, is going to be found in the non-fiction crime books section of the site.

I hope this helps you as you make your way around our website. If you ever have questions or suggestions, just contact us. We’re friendly people here.

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