Dresden Files: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

By Crime Mystery Books on April 15th, 2011

Published July 2011, book thirteen in the Dresden Files series is Ghost Story. Jim Butcher brings Harry Dresden back for another adventure in the paranormal where he must also solve another mystery.Ghost Story Bookcover, Dresden Files Book 13 by Jim Butcher

Ghost Story hardcover

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Jim Butcher, Dresden Files: Ghost Story, Book #13

If you haven’t read the rest of the Dresden books, I’d suggest you not read any further because the very description of this book includes a major spoiler for the last.

If you plan to keep reading this anyway, or you’re a fan who has read all the previous Dresden novels, or at least the last Dresden Files book, then here goes.

About Ghost Story

In Ghost Story, Jim Butcher brings Harry Dresden back from the dead. Our last encounter with Harry left him dead, murdered by an unknown assassin.

His friends are in trouble though, and Harry can’t stand for that, so he has to take action despite the fact that he has no body and no magic to help him. He also has to solve his own murder.

Ghost Story promises to be a fascinating addition to this Jim Butcher series, since Harry Dresden is an interesting and cool character.

Although I’m not as far along in the series as this book, and plan to read the Dresden Files books in order of their publication, I can hardly wait for this one. Of course, if I get on a reading roll, I’ll easily beat the July 26, 2011 publication date listed on Jim Butcher’s website.

I plan to start reading Fool Moon shortly. I listened to the unabridged audio edition of Storm Front over the weekend and fell in love with the Dresden Files series.

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