Futuristic Crime and Mystery Books

By Crime Mystery Books on July 9th, 2009

Although most people think of mystery & crime books as being detective stories set in either the present or past, there are many great opportunities for crime and mystery reading in futuristic settings.

One of the most popular mystery/crime authors with books set in the future is J.D. Robb. Her books also include paranormal elements and are suspenseful reads. Jayne Castle writes mystery/suspense, also with paranormal and psychic elements, set in a future, fantastical world other than earth.

Here is my list of some authors who’ve written crime or mystery books set in the future or that contain futuristic elements.

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The Last Policeman  (The Last Policeman Series, #1) Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death (The Grantchester Mysteries, #1) Personal (A Jack Reacher novel)