Monk Book 10: Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out

By Crime Mystery Books on January 16th, 2012

Published in July 2010, Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out is the tenth book in the Monk series and was written by Lee Goldberg.Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out book cover

Here’s another Monk mystery to keep fans guessing.

Monk is back in Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out. There were several hints in the series that Monk wasn’t always flush with money. This novel makes use of that and adds in a juicy plot about a ponzi scheme and Monk’s savings.

Of course, if Monk is down and out, Natalie is right there with him, since it’s clear from several episodes of the show that she depends on her salary from Monk.

Fans will enjoy seeing Monk and Natalie having to work odd jobs to make ends meet in this fun mystery.

Monk’s long-suffering assistant Natalie narrates, as in all the rest of the Monk novels, giving us her unique perspective on Adrian Monk.

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Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out Summary Description

Monk’s gets fired but that’s okay. He can live off his savings, he thinks. Until Natalie discovers that Monk’s money was invested with the man who has just been arrested for fraud on a massive scale. Bob Sebes is the head of Reinier Investments and every one of his clients is wiped out.

Then the key witness in the case against Bob Sebes is killed and Monk is sure Sebes is responsible, but Sebes has been under house arrest and there’s so many paparazzi hanging around outside that it just doesn’t seem possible he could have murdered anyone. Monk doesn’t intend to give up until he proves Sebes is guilty of more than just financial fraud! Jobless and broke, Monk has plenty of time on his hands to get his guy.

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