Monk Book 6: Mr. Monk Goes to Germany

By Crime Mystery Books on January 16th, 2012

Published in July 2008 in hardcover and December 2008 in paperback, Mr. Monk Goes to Germany is the 6th book in the Monk series written by Lee Goldberg.Mr. Monk Goes to Germany

In Mr. Monk Goes to Germany, Natalie finally finds a sly way to get back at Dr. Kroger for allowing Monk to follow her to Hawaii. There’s also the fact that Monk is pretty much stalking Dr. Kroger, but that’s really no surprise considering how Monk can’t seem to live without him!

This particular Monk book is a Dr. Kroger feast since the plot revolves so heavily around him.

Natalie narrates as usual, and we get to see plenty of favorite characters. This book is especially bittersweet for fans, knowing Dr. Kroger eventual fate. (And that of Stanley Kamel.)

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There’s a paperback, hardcover, and Kindle edition at Amazon. There’s also an ebook edition that will work with most ebook readers and a highly rated audio book available elsewhere too.

Mr. Monk Goes to Germany is a book not to be missed for fans of Dr. Kroger. Also, the next book in the series is a direct sequel to this one.

Mr. Monk Goes to Germany Summary Description

In Mr. Monk Goes to Germany, Adrian Monk follows his therapist, Dr. Kroger, to Germany where Dr. Kroger is attending a conference. While there, he comes sees a man with six fingers, who could possibly be the man responsible for the death of Monk’s wife Trudy. Monk has to deal with a resurgence of his obsessive compulsive disorder, his phobias and the unfriendly polizei to find the six-fingered man.

Another great original Monk mystery!

For more about the Monk television series, Wikipedia has a thorough article that is full of interesting tid-bits about the series.

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