Monk Book 7: Mr. Monk is Miserable

By Crime Mystery Books on January 16th, 2012

First published in December 2008, Mr. Monk is Miserable is the 7th book in the Monk series and was written by Lee Goldberg.Mr. Monk is Miserable

With this book, the story picks up at the end of Mr. Monk Goes to Germany, with a stop-over in Paris. While the books are definitely suited to fans of the series, readers who haven’t seen the television show enjoy the books as much, if not more, than the TV fans.

The reason I say that is because sometimes it’s hard for the author to get across to the reader the really wonderful portrayal of Adrian Monk by Tony Shalhoub. There’s also the fact that each of the books are narrated by Monk’s assistant, Natalie Teeger, so the stories are filtered through her perceptions.

There’s just something about the way Monk moves, hesitates, and finally says his lines. That said, readers who haven’t seen the series seem to find the humor easy to understand and its probably because they don’t have any preconceptions about Monk and can more easily enjoy Lee Goldberg’s writing.

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Mr. Monk is Miserable Summary Description

Adrian Monk agrees to detour by way of Paris after their adventures in Mr. Monk Goes to Germany with his assistant Natalie. There they visit catacombs beneath the streets of the city and Monk discovers a skull that isn’t quite ancient. In fact, he believes the person the skull belongs to was murdered recently, and so Monk and Natalie’s Paris trip becomes a hunt for clues and a search for a killer.

Like previous Monk books, the stories continue to build on one another with several mentions of happenings from the previous Monk books.

For more about the Monk television series, Wikipedia has a thorough article that is full of interesting tid-bits about the series.

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