Monk Book 9: Mr. Monk in Trouble

By Crime Mystery Books on January 16th, 2012

Published in December 2009, Mr. Monk in Trouble is the 9th book in the Monk series written by Lee Goldberg.Mr. Monk in Trouble book cover

In a clever change for the Monk books, Mr. Monk in Trouble introduces someone who just might be an ancestor of Adrian Monk. An assayer named Artemis Monk, who spent time in the gold rush mining town of Trouble, California in the mid 1800s.

Artemis appears to have a lot of the same fastidious, obsessive-compulsive behaviors as Monk.

Natalie tells the story with the same humor as all the other books, and between her and Monk, they have to work to solve both a murder and a botched train robbery from 1962.

Fans will enjoy the chance to meet another Monk!

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Mr. Monk in Trouble Summary Description

A botched train robbery in 1962 made the town of Trouble famous. A missing treasure of gold from the Golden Rail Express is believed to be somewhere thereabouts, and people have been looking for it ever since. The watchman from the town’s museum is murdered, and Adrian Monk and his assistant, Natalie Teeger, are sent to investigate.

Can they solve both the murder and the case of the missing gold?

For more about the Monk television series, Wikipedia has a thorough article that is full of interesting tid-bits about the series.

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