New section for indie published crime and mystery fiction

By Crime Mystery Books on February 11th, 2020

I’m going to build out a section of the site for indie published crime and mystery fiction. I won’t be doing reviews, for the most part, because I’m too swamped with other things to commit to that, but I’d love to have some books sent my way to consider for inclusion on the site.

If you’re indie (or self) published and you have a crime or mystery fiction novel, novella, or short story that you’d like to submit for the site, send it my way. You can comment with a link to Amazon, Smashwords, or Kobo (not all three, please!) or email an EPUB to me. :-)

I like cozy mystery best, humorous mystery or crime stories, and especially like mystery or crime with a science fiction and fantasy element to it. :D I also like short to medium length novels best!

(Be aware, all comments are moderated so I’ll only make comments live if they fit my idea of what I want to include on the site.)

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