Psych: Mind-Altering Murder by William Rabkin

By Crime Mystery Books on January 21st, 2011

Published on Febuary 1, 2011, Psych: Mind-Altering Murder is the fifth book in the Psych books series.


Psych: Mind-Altering Murder paperback

Mind-Altering Murder is the 5th book of the tie-in novels for the USA network Psych TV series. About Shawn Spencer, Psych is a comedic mystery series where Shawn owns a psychic detective agency with his friend Gus, but Shawn’s not really a psychic–he just pretends to be one.

Mind-Altering Murder builds on the Shawn and Gus friendship, with a story line following Gus after he decides to leave Psych and get a “real” job.

If you’re a mystery fan who loves comedy and TV, it’s worth checking out the Psych books. Even if you don’t watch the series, buy Mind-Altering Murder by William Rabkin and give it a read. The books in the Psych series (and William Rabkin) have proven to be good mysteries, and they are especially good series tie-in novels.

Any fan of Psych who enjoys reading is almost certainly going to enjoy a copy of Mind-Altering Murder, but so too might any fan of mystery fiction who likes a side of humor to go with their crime reading.

Psych: Mind-Altering Murder
William Rabkin – Author
Mass Market Paperback Edition, 288 pages, ISBN 9780451232526, Signet/Obsidian

William Rabkin has written each of the books in the Psych series.

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About Psych: Mind-Altering Murder

When psychic detective Shawn Spencer’s partner Gus decides he doesn’t want to be a detective anymore and gets a real job, Shawn wonders: Is this the end of Psych? Or is it the end of Gus?

After a fellow executive at Benson Pharmaceuticals turns up dead, Gus realizes he needs Shawn more than ever to solve the murder before he’s forced to take an early–and permanent–retirement.

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