Quick Review of Make Me by Lee Child

By Crime Mystery Books on December 10th, 2018

Make Me by Lee ChildThis past week I read Make Me by Lee Child. I have to admit that it was my first Jack Reacher novel (although I do like the movies) and while reading this book it was easy to see why so many other people love Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

About Make Me

“Why is this town called Mother’s Rest?” That’s all Reacher wants to know. But no one will tell him. It’s a tiny place hidden in a thousand square miles of wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and sullen and watchful people, and a worried woman named Michelle Chang, who mistakes him for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation she thinks must have started small and then turned lethal.

Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, and there’s something about Chang…so he teams up with her and starts to ask around. He thinks: How bad can this thing be? But before long he’s plunged into a desperate race through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and through the hidden parts of the internet, up against thugs and assassins every step of the way—right back to where he started, in Mother’s Rest, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine.

Walking away would have been easier. But as always, Reacher’s rule is: If you want me to stop, you’re going to have to make me.

Despite how compelling I found the story, I also understand some of the complaints made in the Amazon reviews. For a first Jack Reacher novel, it was probably not the best one to start with. The tone was somewhat dark in places, and the ending not as satisfying as it could have been.

The book starts with Jack Reacher arriving in a small Oklahoma town called Mother’s Rest by train. It’s almost immediate that he’s pulled into a mystery of a missing private investigator. Nothing overtly hints at the darkness coming until midway through the book, but by that time, you’re hooked, even though you know the reveal is going to be ugly.

Some of the plot elements are a little unbelievable, but all that shouldn’t stop you from trying out a Jack Reacher novel if you’ve been tempted. I had thought I might not read another, but after reading some fellow readers’ reviews, I’ve realized I might still enjoy the lot of them. Because the one thing I found to be true of this book was that once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop.

The fact is that the ending of this one let me down. But knowing it was not the usual tale makes me want to go back to the beginning and see what I missed. Lee Child certainly knows how to write a compelling story.

Pick up a copy of Make Me at Amazon if you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Lee Child.

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