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Kill Alex Cross, James Patterson’s Latest

Newly published Kill Alex Cross is the latest addition to the Alex Cross series of novels from James Patterson.

The Litigators Hardcover (John Grisham)

About The Litigators hardcover book by John Grisham, a legal thriller/mystery from a master of the genre.

The Litigators Kindle eBook (John Grisham)

About The Litigators Kindle ebook by John Grisham, a legal thriller/mystery from a master of the genre.

The Copper Bracelet Audio Book Deal of the Month

Audible is having a sale on The Copper Bracelet that crime and mystery audiobook fans aren’t going to want to miss.

Added Urgent Care by CJ Lyons & Book Video

A new medical thriller by CJ Lyons, Urgent Care, has been added to the site—and check out this video for the book.

A little bit mystery, a little bit crime, and a little bit romance…is there any better work of fiction than one that covers all of your loves?

What makes that perfect book for you? For me, it’s definitely one that contains all the elements I love to read about. Black Hills by Nora Roberts fits that bill. Read why.

Futuristic Crime and Mystery Books

Crime & mystery books aren’t just set in the past or present, you can also find crime and mystery books with a futuristic setting.

Worldwide Mystery books from Harlequin added…

We’ve added Worldwide Mystery books from Harlequin to the site.

James Patterson’s The Women’s Murder Club series has been updated!

The Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson has been updated on!

Who are your favorite crime authors?

We’re asking you, who are your favorite crime book authors?

Ultra-affordable hardcover copies of Stephanie Plum novels

Links to bargain-priced hardcover editions of several Stephanie Plum mystery books.

From Sherlock Holmes to Patterson and Grisham, you’ll find it all here!

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The Last Policeman  (The Last Policeman Series, #1) Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death (The Grantchester Mysteries, #1) Personal (A Jack Reacher novel)