The Litigators Kindle eBook (John Grisham)

By Crime Mystery Books on November 3rd, 2011


Buy The Litigators Kindle eBook Edition

If you want The Litigators Kindle eBook, you can get it for about a dollar cheaper than The Litigators hardcover edition at Amazon. Because the hardcover is already discounted right now, that means you’ll pay less than $15 for the Kindle ebook. Of course, prices are subject to change at any time but this is a good deal for a new release. You can click here to check the current price for The Litigators (John Grisham).

John Grisham has a long history of writing excellent legal thrillers. The Litigators has already received a lot of good reviews. Many are calling it the best John Grisham novel in years.

Pick up a copy of The Litigators and see for yourself. Read about Finley & Figg, Oscar and Wally, the young but already burned-out David Zinc, and see if you agree that this represents a classic John Grisham book.

Buy the Kindle eBook if you prefer a digital library over a paperback or hardcover book library, or if you like the idea of saving a few dollars over the cost of the print edition of The Litigators. The Kindle ebook price will go down even further when The Litigators is available in paperback. I’ll update this page when that happens!

The site is going through some changes, but you can still find our list of John Grisham books here for the time being. Check out some of his other legal thrillers.

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